VALTD Kaloopy Interview

In early June we had the pleasure of attending the Hidden Rooms exhibition at The Redon in downtown LA. We met art duo Brian & Jacquelyn who ply their trade under the moniker "VALTD." Their art is distinctly striking, you should know who they are. Read more about them, check out some of the images below and definitely go follow them on social media. 


Tell us who you are. 

We are Jacquelyn & Brian, aka: VALTD, pronounced VAUL-TID

How did you get into what you do?

Brian has been drawing and designing all his life, Jacquelyn has been in the film industry and writing all her life

Name your friends call you.

Brian & Jacquelyn : )

If you were an emotion you would be....

B: Elated 

J: Inspired

Stick Shift or Automatic?

B: Stick for fun in a sports vehicle, however for practicality and traffic ... being driven by someone else. 

J: Stick shift, even though I don't know how to drive stick it seems much more exciting

What is your least favorite movie?

B: Ghostbusters II

J: Brian won't like this answer but Big Trouble in Little China... he's made me watch it too many times!

B: I think I threaten for Jacquelyn to watch Big Trouble in Little China more than actual watching it .... ....... but you have to admit, its a pretty good movie. 

What app do you use the most?

Instagram, Snapchat, Dragonvale, Harry Potter, and Artsy

If you were any artist, what would it be and why?

J: One of the artists living in Paris in the 1920's, so probably Miró, Mondrian, Hemingway, or the Fitzgeralds, because I've always wanted to be a flapper and that time seems to have been spark full of inspiration, creativity, and innovation

B: I think I have to go with Jacquelyn on this one, ( my first answer was "guitar player for Metallica" ) however: 1920's, Paris ... Mondrian, Kandinsky ... Picasso. Because they were such breakthroughs in art and influences in the world. Plus 1920's seems like such a good time to be in Paris. Although the 60's seem like fun as well in Paris & Switzerland ... etc, such a push to be modern with cars, design ( graphic, industrial, architectural ) and fashion. 

Who inspires you?

B: Musicians, love them, music evokes so many ideas and feelings for the work. 

J: The world, philosophical ideas, culture, traveling, unique stories from regular people

Favorite curse word?

B: Scheiße

J: Mother Forker

Do you believe in ghosts?

B: YES, they are the best friends. "If you have Ghosts, you have everything."

J:Of course! They help spread stories and creativity, even the 'spooky' ones

Drink of choice?

B: French Champagne ... there's no such thing as bad Champagne.

J: Vodka martini, although the two of use downed a bottle of Belvedere recently, so I'm taking a break for the moment ( B: bahahaha ) 

What has made you laugh your ass off recently?

Ellen Degeneres

J: ( talking about downing a bottle of Belvedere )

What is your usual bedtime?


What turns you on?

B: Lights, traveling, 

J: Insightful conversations

What turns you off?

B: Lights, traffic, preconceived judgments

J: Judgements for sure

What would you like to be if you weren't a ________?

B: A race car driver, an alpine ski racer, a wine & cheese maker in Switzerland

J: A baker, architect, ballerina, or full-time traveler

Something people don't know about you.

We are secretly aliens in human bodies. 

How can we find you on the internet?

Our web:

and Instagram @valtd_art

What do you have coming up that you want us to know about?

The horizon : )

Art at the Rendon “This Is Not Street Art” show featuring Marzieh Sharif (  ) as the “Victorinette” Saintly Defaced

Art at the Rendon “This Is Not Street Art” show featuring Marzieh Sharif ( ) as the “Victorinette” Saintly Defaced

G.I.A. “God Is Alive” 2018

G.I.A. “God Is Alive” 2018

Murderlyn “Some Like It Shot” 2017

Murderlyn “Some Like It Shot” 2017

What's New(s): Voyage L.A. & Works in Progress

Interview featured in Voyage L.A.

Check Out VALTD’s Artwork

Clip from ‘s article 2019. Picture: Gornergratt, Switzerland.

Clip from ‘s article 2019. Picture: Gornergratt, Switzerland.

Today we’d like to introduce you to Brian & Jacquelyn of VALTD Art.

Brian & Jacquelyn, we’d love to hear your story and how you got to where you are today both personally and as an artist.
We have spent most of our time in California, the creative field(s). Jacquelyn has worked professionally in film her entire adult life and Brian in graphics, CAD, computer programming and design. We both showed aptitude for the arts at a very young age and took part in every opportunity we could early on. After spending a lot of time and energy in our fields, we wanted to branch out and find our own voice and vision, as we have been working for other people for so long. So we moved to the mountains in Montana, then to Italy, Switzerland, France, and Scotland. Jacquelyn received her Master’s degree in Creative Writing while we extended VALTD Art through the vast influences brought on from extensive travel. VALTD is unique in the sense that, we are a duo, with very different approaches to creating. What one doesn’t see, the other points out; which in turn creates a more dynamic result than if it were just one of us. We are two very different types of artists which really compliments each other’s approach.

We are now back in California and loving the renaissance L.A. is having at the moment. So much growth and so many talented people have moved to L.A. to join one of the greatest creative hubs in the world. We are very grateful to here as it is a very special time to be in L.A.

We’d love to hear more about your art. What do you do and why and what do you hope others will take away from your work?
We like to produce thought-provoking work, however we are finding out humor is a great recipe. We also shift our creative process uniquely for each series. We like to create something different every time we create a new experience/encounter or show. It’s important for us to give unique life to each work in their own respective way. So, we don’t reproduce the same process as we did on another set of work. Each is process is unique unto itself and we don’t know what to expect going in. We really like that for the work as we don’t really want anyone to know what to expect next. We really do not want to be predictable & typical unto ourselves as VALTD.

We feel each series or experience is its own entity, so we like to respect it as such. We don’t go out trying to produce new work or seeking something in particular. We simply let the influence and inspiration of each series download to us, then we put the pieces together from there. Sometimes in the past, we acted too quickly and thought the series was one way but ended up in another direction. So we are learning to have extra patience and allow time to sit with each series so we can properly do it justice.

Artists face many challenges, but what do you feel is the most pressing among them?
This is such a dynamic time for art; the world has not seen anything like this. With the burst of social media and mainstream media endorsing so many artist’s work, now is one of the best times to be an artist. There are so many artists producing great stuff; things seem to be pointing to even explosive results. The biggest challenge we see artists today is protecting their proprietary work in a rapid connected world and … valuing their art. With print on demand, instant publishing & hypermedia, value has to be created even though the term “limit” is all but eliminated. Creating value when there is so much art available in the world right now is probably one of the greatest challenges. An artist almost has to create their own Ohm effect in a vast, abundant world.

Do you have any events or exhibitions coming up? Where would one go to see more of your work? How can people support you and your artwork?
Right now, the best place to see our work and keep up with the latest events on our website; we also have an Instagram & Twitter account at @valtd_art

We are in the process of creating new shows and series at the moment. 2018 was a very busy year with three new exhibitions/experiences in L.A.

People can support the art by purchasing originals or prints from our website or by asking galleries if they carry our work.

Contact Info:

  • Address: Los Angeles

  • Instagram: @valtd_art

  • Twitter: @valtd_art

  • Other: @theserealkillers

Image Credit:
All photos are taken by and property of VALTD.

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Cartwheel Art Presents VALTD’s “The Sereal Killers” at Fabrik Expo Art Fair

Cartwheel Art Presents VALTD’s
“The Sereal Killers”

at Fabrik Expo Art Fair
Friday, October 5, to Sunday, October 7

by Lisa Beebe

Installation View “The Sereal Killers” ( ©2018 VALTD ) Oct 5-7th 2018 at the REEF Los Angeles for FABRIK Expo Art Fair

Installation View “The Sereal Killers” ( ©2018 VALTD ) Oct 5-7th 2018 at the REEF Los Angeles for FABRIK Expo Art Fair

Fabrik Expo Art Fair returns to The Reef in Downtown Los Angeles next weekend, kicking off with an opening night party on Friday, October 5. This year, Cartwheel Art is excited to partner with Fabrik Expo in presenting The Experience Lounge, featuring an art activation by art duo VALTD entitled “The Sereal Killers.”

The artists behind VALTD, Brian and Jacquelyn, have a studio in Pasadena. They started making art together in 2015, and much of their current work was inspired by the two years they spent living in Europe. Jacquelyn says, “One of the cities that just kind of blew us away was Florence. We were staying out in the countryside, and we took a train in, and we noticed the closer we got to the city, the more urban art we saw on the walls. Once we were in the city, we found this huge dichotomy between the classicism artwork in the museums—and then you walk outside, and just a few steps away, there’s a completely different world of art.”

As they traveled, they had similar experiences in other European cities. Brian says, “We’d go to see the Mona Lisa or the Musée d'Orsay and then go outside, and all of a sudden there’s graffiti, street art, and paste-up art, and it was really eye-opening and inspiring.” Back in America, street art hadn’t really resonated with them, but in Europe, the art form had a different vibe.  Brian says, “It wasn’t gang related—it was urban art, people expressing themselves.” Instead of feeling territorial, it was collaborative and community based. Artists would cover each other’s work, and it wasn’t a big deal. As they added layers upon layers, they all seemed to be having fun with it.

VALTD brought that collaborative community feel to Art at the Rendon’s Hidden Rooms event earlier this year. If you were there, you probably recall the art activation on the first floor in which a woman dressed like Marie Antoinette handed out markers, urging visitors to contribute to the graffiti-covered walls.

The duo's time in Europe also inspired the project that would later become The Sereal Killers. It all started when Brian saw a magazine on the floor in the hallway of their flat and momentarily thought he saw a skull covering the face of the model in the ad.  It wasn't really there, but the image kept flashing, and he knew he had to do something with it. All of the Sereal Killer images have come this way. “To be honest with you, they sort of pop into the ether,” he says.

Brian and Jacquelyn returned to Southern California about nine months ago—and the Sereal Killers came with them. Brian says, “Since we moved back, they’ve been popping in left and right. It’s actually kind of a blessing as an artist to just receive and not have to really think about it. It’s like, they come in from the ether and they really want to be made.”

“The Sereal Killers” ( ©2018 VALTD ) Oct 5-7th 2018 at the REEF Los Angeles for FABRIK Expo Art Fair.

“The Sereal Killers” ( ©2018 VALTD ) Oct 5-7th 2018 at the REEF Los Angeles for FABRIK Expo Art Fair.

At first VALTD was just playing around with the Sereal Killers idea. Jacquelyn says, “I don’t think either of us took them seriously. We were like, ‘These are easy, these are fun, we’re just playing around,’ and then we slowly began to realize, ‘Wait, there’s something here.’ And we started developing them and making more and more.“

They’ve been fine-tuning the Sereal Killers idea to bring to Fabrik Expo. The walls of the Experience Lounge will feature a few large Sereal Killers images, along with about fifty pieces the size of magazine covers. Jacquelyn explains, “We’re subverting the idea of what magazines are saying about women, what these women that are posing for magazines are saying about themselves, and what we as the audience are putting on these covers of magazines with our own judgments and our own thoughts.” They chose the name “The Sereal Killers” because it also spells “These Real Killers,” playing on the idea that nothing is ever what it seems, and that appearances are often deceiving.

When visitors step into The Experience Lounge, VALTD will give them the opportunity to become a Sereal Killer, and see what it feels like to be the one posing for the camera and putting yourself out there to be judged on a magazine cover. Jacquelyn says, “When a guest walks in, if they want to become a Sereal Killer, we’ll take a picture of them. They can go, see the rest of the expo, and come back a little bit later and see if their Sereal Killer magazine print is up on the sticker wall.”  The prints will be miniature 2”x3” magazine covers. Want to take your sticker home? You can buy one for $5.

Fabrik Expo Art Fair:
Saturday, October 6, 2018 (11 am – 7 pm)
Sunday, October 7, 2018 (11 am – 6 pm)

Opening Night Party:
Featuring craft vodka from Infuse Spirits
Friday, October 5, 2018 (7 – 10 pm)


The Reef
1933 South Broadway
Los Angeles, California 90007

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“The Sereal Killers” ( ©2018 VALTD ) Oct 5-7th 2018 at the REEF Los Angeles for FABRIK Expo Art Fair

“The Sereal Killers” ( ©2018 VALTD ) Oct 5-7th 2018 at the REEF Los Angeles for FABRIK Expo Art Fair

La Premiére Dâme 2.0 "Shoreditch Limted Edition Print

To commemorate our love for London's Shoreditch district, we are releasing this very limited edition lithographic HD Archival Digital Print on 17" x 22" 230 gsm

Limited Edition Print of only 55, with sales happening, the number of remaining prints left are reducing every day. Each print is signed, lower right.

Created & used for London's Shoreditch street art district, please contact with any questions.


La Premiére Dâme 2.0 "Shoreditch" created and used on the streets of London's historic Shoreditch district.

La Premiére Dâme 2.0 "Shoreditch" created and used on the streets of London's historic Shoreditch district.

La Premiére Dâme on her way to a new home. Each piece is hand signed, packed with a letter of authenticity.

La Premiére Dâme on her way to a new home. Each piece is hand signed, packed with a letter of authenticity.

VALTD back in Los Angeles

Being back in L.A., VALTD is hard at work performing tasks to get themselves situated and re-settled into Tinseltown. Producing new collections and collaborations at record speeds, VALTD is extremely excited about the very prospect of the New World of Art which is Los Angeles. L.A. is now the Number One art hub in the United States, eclipsing New York City, Chicago and San Fransisco. With a growing street art scene and the opportunities with major galleries and exhibitions like Frieze, Hauser & Wirth and David Kordansky, Los Angeles is firing up it's stoke for Art.

VALTD is immensely digging into it's vault, procuring a numerously vast amount of art.

... to be continued. Stay tuned - VALTD

"A Dangerous Visitor" - This Is Not Street Art Campaign

"A Dangerous Visitor" - This Is Not Street Art Campaign

To Ruin or Not To Ruin

Shakespeare's immortal phrase, Ruined. Where is art going? Modern trends and popular vote seem to point to the street-style, cut-&-stick, defacing and remixing of pop iconic culture pieces. Is this evolutionary growth or a step to the side-lines? Does Bansky, Mr. Brainwash, D*Face; etc. breathe new life into Art, or simply create another version of Frankenstein's Monster? Street art, graffiti and post-pop Warhol-isms which have found their way into almost every contemporary art gallery across the Western World, with no signs of letting up. People from all walks of life seem to be fascinated by this style of Art while at the same time bored to tears of the classic Renaissance and Impressionistic movements. Will art return to a more "classical" way of life? Or, will it keep on morphing into an ever unknown being, seemingly abhorred by some and adored by others simultaneously ... also known as Modern Art.

Where is Art Going?

The current mood of the creative fine art world is seemingly set on quick, hyper colored, somewhat ADD and mind-bending approaches. Newly art graduates reign supreme in this ever quest for new, unseen, boundary pushing works of art.

"Of All These Things": 2012 Clark Goolsby

"FOTON" Composition E IV: 2016 VALTD ART

"FOTON" Composition E IV: 2016 VALTD ART